2021 Cowboy Memories - NEW calendar in shrinkwrap.

COLLECTORS EDITION: When the pandemic hit our business, we cancelled all our model photo shoots for the saftey of our models and staff. 


With only the images from past photoshoots we held a focus group to determine which of the first few years of our photography would be selected from our vault of imagry. 

We are very pleased with our latest calendar we decided to name "2021 - Cowboy Memories".  Hand chosen images from the first 4 years of our photography.  "Cowboy Memories" contain images that tell a story of looking back (models are all looking left or down in reverence) on 2020 as THE worst year in our company's history.  2020 started off with only a miracle saving our founder, Harley Deuce, from a heart attack in January 2020, followed by a global pandemic and the unexpected passing of Harley's father, we felt the calendar should pay tribute to the past.  All the models are looking to the views left (representing the past) or in reverence looking down.     December 2021 we chose a romantic and hopeful photograph from an amazing photoshoot with PeteFinland and TonkaTuff to remind us to stay in the present and not live in the past. 


PLUS, we've included EXTRA photos on a special page of behind the scenes photographs during the photoshoots.  See the sample image above...

We'd love to hear from you about our future fantasy calendars.   If you would be interested in modeling or know someone who you think would be a good fit please click the "contact" link on any page.

While supplies last...

Calendars - 2021 Calendar Nude "Cowboy Memories" 1' x 2' LARGE Wall

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