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Fundraiser Calendar Project - Not-for-profits


We have continuous progressive returns for every year your Not-for-profit re-sells our products to help you raise funds for your organziation. 


GROW YOUR FUNDRAISER with our Fundraiser Calendars Project


The following are the Rules and Requirements to participate in our Fundraiser Calendar Project.

  • President of organization must sign contract for financial responsibility for fundraiser calendars. Note: Contract includes statements about calendars that are damaged, lost, stolen, misplaced or otherwise not sold or returned must be compensated back to Lupine Enterprises, LLC.

  • Organizations are required to provide a deposit check for full price of the twenty five fundraiser calendars. Rewards proceeds check upon successful completion of contracted Fundraiser Calendar Project with Organization. 

  • All sales must be returned to Lupine Enterprises, LLC.   Lupine Enterprises, LLC will deposit check from organization and will send check back to participating organization based on contracted Rewards Status in accordance with above categories.


*Sequential annual participation in Lupine Enterprises, LLC’s Fundraiser Calendar Project is required to participate in Rewards program as such a break in annual participation by organization resets reward status. Calendars are non-transferable.  Fundraiser Calendar Project Reward status is not retro-active. Fundraiser Calendar Project Reward status itself has no monitory value and is non-transferable. Reward status limited to first Twenty-five calendars per organization, additional calendars require contract and are at standard reward of Twenty-five percent with a limit to be determined by Lupine Enterprises, LLC.  Lupine Enterprises, LLC reserves the right to recall any participating organization’s inventory and all funds from calendar sales at any time.  Some restrictions apply, please read the contract agreement thoroughly. Lupine Enterprises, LLC reserves the right to limit any/all participation in Fundraiser Calendar Project.

Wholesale Inquiries

We can accept bulk orders for resale.  Please click the Contact Us button on any page and send us an inquiry. 

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