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2023 Cowboy Affair - NEW calendar in shrinkwrap.


This is a ONE TIME order.  You are ordering our 2023 Cowboy Affiar calendar without a reoccuring charge.  If you wish to purchase our Annual Calendar Subscription please go here...

All our print model photo shoots are finished and we are waiting for the printed calendars to start shipping out! :-) 


We are pleased to announce SkinWalker Photography’s newest release in our cowboy fantasy series: 2023 “Cowboy Affair” calendar. Our SkinWalker Photography’s 2023 calendar’s theme bears the question of a Cowboy Affair.  Which can be definded as on or both:

  • A social gathering in a barn or woods, maybe even other organized social occasion
  • Possibly an intense amorous relationship, usually of short duration

The theme allows the viewer to ponder our SkinWalker Photography® full nude fantasy cowboy calendar models from both the front and the rear.... and explore the story each image provokes.


COLLECTORS:  Hang on to your cowboy hats, 2023 pushes new boundaries! YEEEHAW!  Lupine Enterprises, LLC is very pleased with our NEWEST calendar endeavor "2023 - Cowboy Affair".  ;-)  The 14th in our cowboy fantasy series for our calendars and gifts.


We have REDUCED the number of calendars we order as we are not able to accomodate the extra inventory.  As such, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you reserve your 2023 calendars TODAY so you will be one of the lucky few who start collecting. :-)

We'd love to hear from you about our future fantasy calendars.   If you would be interested in modeling or know someone who you think would be a good fit please click the "CONTACT" link at the bottom of any page.

Don't forget... ONLY While supplies last.

Calendars - 2023 Calendar Nude "Cowboy Affair" 1' x 2' LARGE Wall

SKU: 2023CowboyAffair
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